project 12

Facilitated high-margin strategic brand partnerships for a number of top 100 YouTube channels.

project 11

Created experiential marketing campaigns to drive support of a #1 Billboard charting music release.

project 9

Built a brand strategy to reposition a top 5 US logistics company as a new tech business in a new category.

project 8

Helped a legacy retailer unlock a younger customer base using social listening tools and market intelligence.

project 7

Opened a new market for an inc 50 startup by repositioning as a platform technology.

project 6

Increased “time to close” for luxury home development using customer journey mapping.

project 5

Unlocked an innovative new revenue stream for a publicly traded corporation.

project 4

Established an actionable strategic roadmap and brand for a high-tech healthcare technology in under 90 days.

project 3

Worked with global lifestyle media brand to develop product lines for top online influencers.

project 2

Launched a B2C consumer brand for a 100 year old B2B media business.

project 1

Launched a new subsidiary for award-winning engineering firm in under 30 days.